Ready to discover your niche and easily attract the best fit clients to your private practice?

There has never been a better time to discover your practice niche. 

Many traditional marketing practices rely on manipulation and scarcity tactics, which makes ethical psychologists and therapists feel uneasy at best.

Prescriptive 'client avatars' based on demographics feel artificial and mechanical and often leave us feeling stuck communicating who we help and how.

Our niching method uses story- and narrative-based niching, which centres our clients in our marketing without excluding people who don't fit an artificial list of characteristics.

In this free masterclass you will learn how to:

  • Uncover your most aligned niche that empowers you to connect with clients who would love to work with you.
  • Implement ethical and practical ways psychologists and therapists can use niching to promote mental health awareness across communities.
  • Use niching to uncover new opportunities to support clients' healing journeys and diversify your private practice income beyond 1:1 therapy or associate work.

Access the masterclass and workbook for free today and discover the perfect niche for you and your clients!

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This Masterclass is part of our Psychologist's Marketing Academy

The Psychologist's Marketing Academy is a 7-module online course which offers practical, actionable strategies for marketing your practice, and takes into account your unique role and ethical considerations as a psychologist or therapist. 

Learn to clarify your niche, build an online presence, communicate ethically on social media with clients, & more.

This course adapts psychological models like Internal Family Systems, the Trans-theoretical Model of Change and Narrative Transportation to help you market your practice in a way that feels aligned with your ethics.

You can find your best-fit clients and feel more confident and comfortable being visible online. 

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