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Tired of the grind of 1-to-1 sessions or trading your time for money? 

Stuck in a job that doesn't feel like you?

Maybe you find yourself in the grips of imposter syndrome, or you compare yourself to others and wonder why you can’t seem to get ahead, no matter how hard you try.

Perhaps you're finding it difficult to attract a steady stream of right-fit clients for your practice.

You're in good company.

Many psychologists and therapists have felt the same in private practice.

But what if the problem isn’t you?

What if the problem is the private practice paradigm itself?

Our mission is simple: Taking you from feeling like a hamster on a wheel to rocking a diversified practice that not only thrives but feels aligned with you.

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How We Help You Transform Your Practice:

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Shift Your Practice: 3 Month Coaching Package

Most people who contact me know that they need to shift their direction of their practice away from selling time for money. This coaching package includes three dedicated sessions for us to dive deep together. 
In session one: we unearth your practice's essence story—what makes it stand out from the crowd, what makes it you.
In session two, we explore the suite of products and services that will form your offers.
And by session three? We're crafting a step-by-step plan, pinning down where to get started, what to prioritise to earn more money quickly and how to keep the momentum going.

It's all about deep conversation, clarity, and a diversified practice roadmap tailored just for you.

Make the Shift
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The Psychology Practice Accelerator: Innovate and Amplify

It's time to truly elevate your practice.

In The Psychology Practice Accelerator (TPPA), the focus shifts to innovation and courageous leadership. This is where you'll create, launch and market cutting-edge psychology products and services that set you apart in the marketplace.

TPPA is where your practice becomes a leader in its field.

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What Your Peers Are Saying.

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“I feel like I can shed the old layers of what I used to be as a psychologist. I was a generalist psychologist and actually I can shed that and say: ‘You know what, this is who I really want to work with and I can.’ This process is the greatest gift I have given myself.”

Dr Tina Mistry
Clinical Director, The Brown Therapist Network

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“I was so lost with what I wanted to do when I found you. I wanted to heal from a fairly rubbish first year in business and get some clarity, focus, support and energy to move forward! One of the best decisions I have ever made. You guys are the absolute best!!”

Michelle Minnikin, Managing Director, Work Pirates 

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Wendy Kendall

"Like many mental health professionals, I once saw traditional private practice as a path to more freedom, flexibility, and autonomy within my personal and professional life. But along the way, I came to see how this extractive, exploitive system failed providers like myself and the people entrusted with their care by keeping us trapped in selling our time for money.

Disillusioned, isolated, and burned out, I began to challenge myself to rethink what it meant to be a successful individual practitioner. I set out to reclaim the exiled parts of myself and cultivate a safe place to flourish for myself and my clients.

Amid this profound shift in my own way of being and working, I saw a critical need to empower other providers to bring more of their authentic selves to their work, help them diversify their practices, and reach more clients too. 

I've now been a psychologist for 27 years with almost 20 years in private practice, having run my business in two different countries with clients across the world.

We hide so much of our light yet we have so much to offer as practitioners. I'm determined to help you turn your uniquely brilliant ideas into a thriving, diversified private practice."

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During your chat with Wendy, you both will sketch out your game plan. Whether you're kicking off at step one, two, or three, it's customised to you.

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Craft Your Dream Practice

With the map in hand, you’re ready for action. From here on, you’ve got us: guidance, tools, and a tribe cheering you on every step of the way.

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