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We believe..

Private practice is a place to flourish.

It can be really hard for psychologists to make the jump from employment to running their own private practice. We don't always get training on how to make our practices successful, and we can find ourselves facing the same problems we had in the workplace. We want to be creative and use our talents, but it can feel like a conflict between what we value professionally and the realities of having to charge for services. It can be a difficult transition, but you're not alone! 

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What we do 

 At Inspiring Psychology Practices, we understand how difficult it can be to figure out the strategic side of your practice. We're here to help you develop your entrepreneurial mindset and gain financial well-being through our coaching, courses, and community. 

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Why we do it

Psychologists are under an immense amount of strain due to the struggles going on in this world. We want to be able to provide help to those in need, but technology is changing how we do things. Our profession is demanding and it can be disheartening when the workplace isn't encouraging.

In 2017, Wendy decided to use her expertise as an occupational psychologist, and her two decades of experience running her private practice, to make a difference for others. 

Let's work together to make private practice a place for everyone to thrive.

Who we are

Wendy Kendall

Wendy has achieved remarkable success in her career, from co-leading a consultancy to nearly 1 million euros turnover each year and working with thousands of executives globally.

She is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Registered Coaching Psychologist, specialising in training, coaching and leadership learning. On top of that, Wendy has furthered her qualifications and expertise by becoming certified in Internal Family Systems and Story Brand marketing communications.

Wendy hopes to be a source of encouragement for those around her, driven by her own determination to grow, and to support others on their own journeys.

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Eva Barrellon-Kendall

Eva has been working with Inspiring Psychology Practices since 2019 and is now the MD of the company based in London. Her focus is developing the IPP customer experience, writing and producing social media and marketing content, and generally running the company day-to-day.

Eva has a first degree in Environmental Science at the University of Manchester and is also an athlete. In September 2022, she completed a Masters in Psychology (conversion) and is now studying for an accredited Masters in Sports and Exercise Psychology, aiming to become a Chartered Sports and Exercise Psychologist. She currently blogs about her experience as a female athlete and is developing her Hera Athletes brand, which she hopes will become her own inspiring psychology practice one day.

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