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S1E2 Breaking Free from the Box: Courageously Forging Your Unique Path in Private Practice

In this episode, ‘Breaking Free from the Box: Courageously Forging Your Unique Path in Private Practice’ our host, Wendy, speaks with Dr Romy Sherlock, Dr Natalie Bodart and Dr Tina Mistry about their challenging journeys to overcome internal and external expectations about how they built, and sometimes rebuilt, their private practices.

Learn how our guests left their public sector roles to courageously build their own private practices and focus on more than one-to-one services.

Our guests also share their individual passions, values and stories that drove them to break free from convention and create practices that truly reflect their identities.

We explored the challenges of breaking the mould in psychology- from the fear of stigma to the courage it takes to lead our practices in innovative ways.

Finally, we delved into our guests' hopes for the future of their practices as they continue to grow, develop, inspire and have a lasting impact.  

About Us:
"Inspiring Psychologists: Breaking the Mould of Private Practice," is a podcast dedicated to sharing the inspiring stories of psychologists and therapists who are pushing the boundaries of traditional private practices and making a lasting impact on the mental health landscape. 

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