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S1E4 Resilience and Growth: The Intersection of Entrepreneurship and Mental Health in Private Practice

Welcome to Episode 4 of "Inspiring Psychologists: Breaking the Mould of Private Practice"! In this captivating instalment, we delve into the profound connection between entrepreneurship and mental health within the realm of private practice.

In this thought-provoking episode, we have the honor of featuring a dynamic panel of guests who have not only excelled in their private practice journeys but have also embraced their entrepreneurial spirit to drive growth and resilience. Join us as we explore the fascinating stories and insights of these remarkable individuals who have mastered the art of balancing entrepreneurship and mental health.

Our distinguished guests, Dr. Tess Browne, Dr. Tina Mistry, and Dr. Hannah Bryan, will share their insights and experiences as practitioner psychologists, discussing the demands of entrepreneurship on mental health, both from their personal perspectives and in terms of how they support entrepreneurs through their practices.

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"Inspiring Psychologists: Breaking the Mould of Private Practice," is a podcast dedicated to sharing the inspiring stories of psychologists and therapists who are pushing the boundaries of traditional private practices and making a lasting impact on the mental health landscape.

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