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S1E8 Beyond The Talk- Integrating Movement and Mindfulness into Psychology Practices.

In this transformative episode of Inspiring Psychologists: Breaking the Mould of Private Practic, Wendy Kendall engages in a conversation with psychologists Dr. Cat Baverstock, Dr. Kirsty Kennedy, and Dr. Kirstie Fleetwood Mead. Together, they shed light on the significance of integrating movement and mindfulness into psychology practices, particularly within private practice settings.

Our guests emphasise the importance of embracing the body and breath in therapy, especially when working with trauma and childhood memories. They explore the concept of embodied relational therapy, highlighting its connection to Gestalt therapy and stressing the need to avoid separating the body and mind in therapeutic processes. By incorporating the body into the therapeutic journey, therapists can achieve outcomes that are more holistic.

The discussion delves into the value of reconnecting with our bodies and intuition. Wendy Kendall and the participants highlight the need to prioritise our embodied sense of self and challenging external notions of success. They acknowledge the resistance and internalised beliefs that may hinder individuals from embracing this approach while encouraging the act of slowing down, connecting with oneself, and making choices based on personal values and intuition.

The conversation underscores the body's inherent power as a tool for self-regulation, emphasising that balance doesn't rely on external consumption. By embracing our bodies, we cultivate a deeper connection with nature and move away from artificial environments. The participants reflect on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, where many rediscovered nature and found solace in their local communities.

Reconnecting with our natural selves brings joy but also challenges. Breaking free from societal stereotypes and resistance requires courage and determination. The discussion addresses misconceptions around body-focused practices and emphasises the importance of education and awareness.

This episode emphasises the value of integrating movement and mindfulness in psychology practices. By embracing the body-mind connection, therapists can foster holistic healing, personal growth, and meaningful connections with oneself and the world.


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