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S1E12 Moving Beyond Extractive Models: Building a Psychology Practice with Social & Environmental Impact

In this transformative episode, host Wendy Kendall, a psychologist and private practice coach, leads a conversation that will change the way you view your psychology practice. The episode dives deep into the question of how mental health practitioners can contribute to the change we need in the world. Wendy explores the concept of shifting from an extractive model to a well-being economyā€”one that focuses on the prosperity of all individuals while staying within planetary boundaries, instead of pursuing unsustainable growth represented by GDP.

The podcast features two remarkable pioneers who are leading the way in building psychology practices with social and environmental impact: Dr. Tara Quinn-Cirillo, founder of The Conversation Starter Project, and Dr. Rachel Yates, founder of Climate Parenting. These inspiring psychologists share their personal journeys and the transformative steps they have taken to create a well-being economy through their practices.

Throughout the episode, the discussion centers around the challenges of practicing psychology in the midst of global crises. Dr. Quinn-Cirillo and Dr. Yates highlight the collective power mental health practitioners possess to amplify their impact and bring about positive change. Their insights provide hope and inspiration for the future of psychology.

If you're ready to reshape your psychology practice and contribute to creating a better world, this episode is a must-listen. Join Wendy Kendall, Dr. Tara Quinn-Cirillo, and Dr. Rachel Yates as they explore the possibilities of becoming heart-driven leaders and guiding society through a just transition. Let's break the mould of old business models and embark on a path towards a well-being economy together.


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