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Intro to Season 2 of Inspiring Psychologists: Breaking the Mould of Private Practice

Season #2

In this introductory episode, psychologist and private practice coach Wendy Kendall discusses "Healing Through Private Practice" and her reasons for choosing this theme for season 2.  

She discusses how private practice can be emotionally confronting for therapists as it surfaces unresolved issues and wounds. Wendy also shares how healing oneself through private practice leads to developing purpose, courageous leadership, and embodying desired change in the world. 


Main Discussion Points: 

- Private practice can be challenging, not just because of business skills, but also because it can be emotionally confronting as psychologists and therapists face their inner obstacles. (01:15) 

- How Wendy went into private practice to create a safe environment and heal from toxic work experiences. (02:45)  

- Working with therapists in private practice over many years, Wendy witnessed their ongoing developmental and healing processes that accompanied their practice growth. (04:38) 

- The difference between business and practice – businesses are built to be able to sell (even if you never plan to) whereas a practice is lifelong expression of self and professional identity. (06:52)   

- A senior psychologist told Wendy that psychologists healing through practice is seen as shameful and source of weakness, so it's not talked about. (09:58) 

- Healing through practice actually leads to purpose and courageous leadership to create change. (14:07) 

- If we want more peace, safety and community in the world, we can build that first in our own practices. (17:49) 


About Us: 

"Inspiring Psychologists: Breaking the Mould of Private Practice," is a podcast dedicated to sharing the inspiring stories of psychologists and therapists who are pushing the boundaries of traditional private practices and making a lasting impact on the mental health landscape. 

We invite you to join us in breaking outside the box of a traditional private practice and building a purposeful business that supports you in the life you want to live. 

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Guest Bio:  

Wendy Kendall is a dual chartered occupational and coaching psychologist and private practice coach. She's a passionate advocate for purpose-driven psychologists and therapists, supporting them to create inspiring private practices. She founded Inspiring Psychology Practices, an organisation supporting psychologists and therapists in private practice through coaching, courses, and community.  

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Key Quotes: 

"The main person getting in the way of success or whatever that success is for us is ourselves. We are both the main enabler and main source of empowerment, but we're also the person who struggles with our own obstacles." (01:32)   

"There is a fundamental difference between having a practice and having a business...We are, creating a practice that is also an expression of ourselves and our life journey." (06:52) 

"If we want to see a world where there is less conflict...where people can thrive, where they can flourish...All of those things are what we can build into our private practice for ourselves first." (17:49)