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S2 Ep 1 - From Burnout to Balance: Navigating Healing in Private Practice

Season #2

In this Inspiring Psychologist podcast, host Wendy Kendall and Dr. Paula Redmond discuss the important yet challenging topic of burnout and finding balance in private psychology practice. They are joined by guest Dr. Laura Villa to share their experiences and insights around navigating burnout, overwhelm, and healing in the context of building an independent practice.


Key Discussion Points:

Many psychologists enter private practice already experiencing burnout from previous work environments, hoping to find more balance. However, private practice presents its own unique stressors and demands (9:19) The importance of community and social support for combating isolation and burnout risk in private practice (18:44, 27:26) Using models like Compassion Focused Therapy and Polyvagal Theory to understand burnout dynamics and the need for self-care (50:50, 55:54) Building in structures and routines that support the "soothing system" rather than oscillating between "threat" and "drive" (51:25) Valuing intangible self-care while still meeting tangible business needs (54:12) Normalising the realities of private practice - it's hard work and carries responsibilities, but can allow better alignment with values (59:58)


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"Inspiring Psychologists: Breaking the Mould of Private Practice," is a podcast dedicated to sharing the inspiring stories of psychologists and therapists who are pushing the boundaries of traditional private practices and making a lasting impact on the mental health landscape. 

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Guest Bios:

Dr. Paula Redmond co host and founder of the popular podcast "When Work Hurts" focused on professional burnout and work trauma. Her psychology practice works with organisations and professionals experiencing burnout, work stress, and trauma.

Website: Podcast “When Work Hurts”:



Dr. Laura Villa founded City Living Psychology to help city workers overcome stress and overwhelm, with specialty areas in trauma, ADHD, and neurodiversity. Her practice emphasises the impacts of interpersonal relationships, life transitions and contextual factors like urban settings on mental health.

Instagram: @citylivingpsychologist


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Read Amy Peter's Clinical Psychology doctoral thesis on Well-Being and Burnout in Psychologists here.

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"I had brought with me a mindset of how life had to be structured. And if my private practice is going to be successful, then I need to be adhering to the hustle culture." (14:05)

"The beauty, I think, is you can choose who you want to work with, you can train in your models, you can expand your practice as you wish, and you can always review." (1:01:22)

"There's suffering and pain that comes along with [being human], but I think it means that there's space to respond to that. And that is just so valuable." (1:13:42)