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S2 Ep 2 - Financial Well-being: Shifting Our Relationship with Money in Practice

Season #2

In this Inspiring Psychologists podcast episode, host Wendy Kendall has conversations with Dr. Matt Cunliffe and Andrea Rotondo about improving financial well-being for psychologists in private practice. They discuss the complex relationship psychologists and therapists often have with money, how to shift mindsets around earning, charging, and making money, building financial confidence, creating multiple income streams, and working with financial partners like accountants and bookkeepers.


Key Discussion Points:

- Challenges psychologists face around finances including lack of relevant training, cultural expectations, anxiety about money

- Tips for feeling more confident setting fees, diversifying income streams, looking at the bigger market

- The importance of working with financial partners like accountants and bookkeepers

- How improving financial literacy and systems can relieve stress and empower practice owners 


About Us:

"Inspiring Psychologists: Breaking the Mould of Private Practice," is a podcast dedicated to sharing the inspiring stories of psychologists and therapists who are pushing the boundaries of traditional private practices and making a lasting impact on the mental health landscape. We invite you to join us in breaking outside the box of a traditional private practice and building a purposeful business that supports you in the life you want to live. To find out more about how we can support you in your private practice journey, check out our coaching and support services at


Guest Bios:

Dr. Matt Cunliffe a Chartered Sports and Exercise psychologist who specializes in high-performance mindset and coaching. Matt also lectures and mentors aspiring sports psychologists setting out in their careers.




Andrea Rotondo specialises in supporting therapists in private practice to gain simple but powerful knowledge from the numbers in their business, so they can make more effective business and life decisions. She’s a psychology undergraduate, military spouse and runs





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Key Quotes:

"I always surprise myself that when I look into my accounts and I find something, I'm like, what is that reoccurring payment that's been going out for, like, the past year? And I said, I think, I've not seen that for for a very long time. I need to go and check what that is and just make sure that that's still doing what it should be doing." (Dr. Matt Cunliffe, 00:11:09)

"If I help you be better at managing your finances, you're going to show up better for your clients. You're going to go home and not have to worry about that I pay my bills. Will I have enough? Because it's all related to each other, especially with private practice owners." (Andrea Rotondo, 00:20:58)

"Having some oversight on that and knowing exactly what is going in and going out at any given time is really important. And I I always surprise myself that when I look into my accounts and I find something, I'm like, what is that reoccurring payment that's been going out for, like, the past year?" (Dr. Matt Cunliffe, 00:10:35)