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Craft Your Profitable Psychology Product in 5 Focused Sessions


Even if you don't feel confident with tech,

aren't sure about your niche,

and haven't created a psychology product before.

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"I didn't have a lot of strategies to contain my ideas or have a strategic way of moving things forward. Wendy's approach has made such a huge difference."

Dr Amber Johnson, Clinical Psychologist

"Wendy's approach has been invaluable for me to get a clearer understanding of how I position myself as an individual, a psychologist and a business woman. It's been eye-opening to clarify what my niche is and how I want to be of service. "

Dr Vicki Uwannah, Counselling Psychologist

Are you a psychologist or therapist tired of the 'time for money' treadmill?

Want to create more stability and sustainability, whilst reigniting your creative spark?

Unlock New Income Streams and Ignite Your Creativity!

Your knowledge and skills as a psychologist or therapist have made a difference in countless lives.

But despite your success in delivering one-to-one therapy, you've felt the pull to do something more, to break free from the limitations of traditional practice.

You have a desire to diversify your practice, expand your impact, and secure a sustainable income.

You're not alone.

Introducing the Craft Your Profitable Psychology Product course!

We've crafted a unique 5-session course designed specifically for psychologists and therapists like you. Our action plan course helps you to design your own profitable psychology product, giving you a repeatable blueprint to build a sustainable and successful practice.


Session 1: Unlock Your Potential. Making Room for Innovation.

Unlock the mindset, focus and productivity shifts to free up time and energy to design and launch your innovative products, even amid the chaos of back to back client appointments and running a demanding practice.

Session 2: The Profit Maximiser - Grow Your Practice with an Aligned Offer Suite 

Private practices that rely only on 1-to-1 services can have a hard time weathering uncertain times. Our proven Product Strategy Blueprint helps psychologists and therapists diversify their practice so they don't ever leave money on the table. Define the perfect blend of group- and individual-focused products and services for your clients and for you!

Session 3: Smart Positioning - Navigate Your Product to Its Unique Space

Get hands-on with our early Product Development Canvas, your secret weapon for positioning your offer in the marketplace. You'll gain insight into how your product compares to competitors, and you'll identify potential partners who can aid in boosting your sales.

Session 4: Crafting the Perfect Product for Transformation

Unearth the perfect product design that aligns with your clients and their unique change journey. We've found that many psychologists and therapists miss the product sweet spot when crafting a new income stream - but we'll equip you with the know-how to bypass the common pitfalls that come with creating online mental health products.

Session 5: Create Your Easy, Repeatable Marketing Plan

Establish your Simple Marketing Rhythm! Learn how to devise a straightforward and repeatable series of marketing and visibility tactics that will get you in front of more of your ideal clients and show them how your product is right for them. 

You will finish with a clear action plan and newfound confidence to design and sell your innovative, profitable psychology products.

Includes workbooks for each session!


Each session is accompanied by a comprehensive workbook, helping you implement the learnings from the sessions directly into your practice.


I'm Wendy Kendall


"Hello, I'm Wendy Kendall, the principal coach for the Craft Your Profitable Psychology Product course. 

I know that practitioners like you often end up feeling overwhelmed and your brilliant ideas are always on the back burner but I'm committed to changing that!

My mission is to help you unleash your uniquely brilliant ideas and use them to build a thriving, innovative private practice."

"I had just left the NHS and had a clear idea of what I wanted to do clinically, but from a business perspective, I had no idea. Wendy's business knowledge, mixed with her background as a psychologist, is just so special. Three years on, the business is thriving."

Dr Romy Sherlock, Clinical Psychologist



Don't let self doubt and uncertainty hold you back any longer. Get access to this course and unlock your best ideas to grow your practice!