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Let's Shift Your Practice 


1:1 Coaching for Psychologists & Therapists


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You dream about shifting your practice away from selling time for money..


But right now your experience might look like…


Feeling stuck on the 1:1 client treadmill and your income has hit a plateau. You're worried about choosing the wrong thing to focus on next in case your income falls or your colleagues criticise you.


You have a full practice but you're bored doing the same thing day in and day out, plus you're stressed and overwhelmed with the ever-increasing admin work.

You know you got into private practice to have more autonomy and flexibility but you're currently too busy with clients to spend time with family & friends, or on your passions.

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You’d love to have a private practice that lets you…


Reduce or even stop offering 1:1 therapy, associate or insurance work knowing that you can still expand your income 

Make good money doing work that feels exciting and meaningful, plus set up income streams that go beyond selling your time for money

Set boundaries for your practice so that you have more time for creativity, for your family & friends, and a fulfilling life outside of work


You can create a meaningful, values-based practice that supports the life you want for yourself.

Welcome to


Shift Your Practice


A 1:1 coaching package where you get individualised support to design a diversified practice that earns a great income, frees up your time, and helps you truly thrive.

Together, we’ll shift your practice in 3 impactful sessions

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Session 1: Unearth Your New Story

You know you DON'T want to continue what you're currently doing - but you're not clear about what you DO want.

In this session, we'll get clear on the new story of your practice - the values, purpose, and change you want to see in the world as well as in your life. 

Being clear on this new story helps you get clear on your marketing, define your most valuable products and services, and shapes your boundaries so you thrive too.

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Session 2: Shift Your Offer Suite

No more therapy or associate work treadmill for you! We'll explore the products and services that will form the backbone of your redesigned practice including leveraged offers and potential 'passive income streams.' 

You'll create an aligned suite of offers that take a client on a journey of transformation based on your expertise and skills.

Bring your creative ideas forward and see how they fit together to move your practice in a new direction that helps you thrive too.

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Session 3: Your Roadmap to Shifting Your Practice

We'll craft a step-by-step plan on where to start, what to prioritise, and how to shift your practice away from time for money treadmill, once and for all.

You'll see how to build a safe base for your practice that brings in the income you need doing work you love.

And you will create a transition plan to shift from your current working model to the practice you dream of running.


‚ÄúI‚Äôm working with clients I enjoy and am much happier in my work!‚ÄĚ


Dr Wendy Bowley

Clinical Director, The Midlife Psychologist

Let's shift your practice away from the time for money treadmill.

What's Included?

  • You can book three 1-hour coaching sessions with Wendy Kendall whenever is best for you.
  • Session recordings, transcripts and notes.
  • Plus, access to a Resource Vault of training webinars and worksheets to help you go deeper into topics you'll need for growth.

One time payment




3 Monthly Payments

£180/ month



Want to chat before you book?

Book a 15 minute coffee chat with Wendy to get to know one another and see if this is a fit for you.

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What's Included:

  • 3 x 1-hour Coaching Sessions where you'll get 1:1 support to design your unique, thriving private practice

  • Session recordings, transcripts, and notes so you can review your sessions any time you want in a format that works for you


  • Plus our Resource Vault with training webinars & worksheets to help you go deeper into topics you'll need for growth.


  1. Growing a Confident Money Mindset for Psychology Practices: Discover our "build the bucket" metaphor and change your view on what it means to make money in your practice forever. This webinar will empower you to cultivate a confident money mindset and unlock financial success in your private practice.
  2. How to Pivot your Psychology Practice with Purpose: This masterclass guides you through your new practice journey while navigating the inner demons that show up on the way. Wendy will help you navigate the change ahead with confidence and clarity.

  3. How To Build In Value Streams, Income, and Pro Bono: Gain a fresh perspective on how your practice can have multiple income streams that help you grow your income without leaving you depleted. Discover the game-changing model that reshapes your entire practice strategy.
  4. Create a homepage page that connects with clients: This masterclass helps you stand out from the crowd right on the first page and also includes an editable template you can use to design your own website homepage.
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I'm Wendy Kendall

Hi there, I'm Wendy Kendall, the Principal Coach at Inspiring Psychology Practices. I started my career as a psychologist in the UK public sector, but I quickly ran out of promotion possibilities as well as experiencing burnout. 
At age 29, I moved overseas with my young family and set up my own private practice. How hard could it be, right?
Ten years later, with many ups and downs along the way, I was associate partner of a global talent development consultancy turning over nearly a million euros a year.
But... I realised I had inadvertently built someone else's brand instead of my own.
Determined to change that, I shifted my focus back to my own practice, drawing from my experiences to create a distinct identity and brand. This also led to me winning an international competition with LinkedIn in 2016.
Suddenly,¬†some of my colleagues took notice and started asking if they could 'pick my brains.'¬†Their questions sparked a realisation for me‚ÄĒ as psychologists in private practice we¬†weren't able to access talent development programmes like I was running for global companies.
I had a unique combination of experiences that I could share with other psychologists to help them grow as business leaders, as well as grow their businesses.
I launched the first talent development programme for psychologists in private practice, The Psychology Practice Accelerator, in 2017 and this programme has been welcoming inspiring psychologists ever since. 
Today, alongside my team, I'm passionate about helping psychologists earn great money with a diversified practice where they can truly thrive. Your journey starts here. 

Who is this programme for?

  • You‚Äôre just getting started or dreaming about your private practice, and you need support attracting your clients and setting up a solid base.

  • You are already swamped with your own 1:1 clients and are ready to diversify your income with work that doesn‚Äôt require as much of your time.

  • You‚Äôre rethinking how much therapy you want to include in your practice and want to move away from it entirely or scale back significantly.

  • You‚Äôre ready to get clear on what your thriving practice looks like and have a specific plan of action to start bringing it to life.

What our clients are saying…

Dr Catherine Baverstock

Clinical Director, Healthy Minds

“I was able to explore for myself what I really wanted to do and that was really powerful for me. There’s something about investing in ourselves that feels quite difficult at times.".

Michaela Thomas

Clinical Director, The Thomas Connection

‚ÄúI‚Äôve grown so much in the past year, in terms of my private practice but also in myself. That is largely thanks to Wendy Kendall. I have done all the work, of course, but Wendy has guided my vision and passion through business coaching.‚ÄĚ


Let's shift your practice and diversify your income streams.

One time payment




3 Monthly Payments

£180/ month



Want to chat before you book?

Book a 15 minute coffee chat with Wendy to get to know one another and see if this is a fit for you.