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Feeling Stuck on the Client Treadmill? It's Time to Shift Your Practice

Apr 30, 2024

Many therapists and psychologists pursue private practice for the promise of autonomy, flexibility, and meaningful work. Yet once up and running, many find themselves caught on the "one-to-one client treadmill," feeling exhausted, frustrated, and far from thriving.  


You've Tried Everything to Stand Out 


You've put in the work: the experience, credentials, continuing education courses. You've implemented all the tips and advice from the generic business gurus and marketing types. 


And yet you feel like you're spinning your wheels, doing the same things over and over again. Your income has plateaued. Referrals are slow. You worry about choosing the wrong niche or offer in this sea of competition.  


The truth is that working on efficiency won't get you unstuck. It won't lead you to the clarity and differentiation you need. 


It's Time for a New Direction   


What you need now is to get clear on the purpose and values underlying this "new version" of your practice. To craft a story that feels uniquely yours. This clarity will guide your marketing, your signature offers, and the boundaries that let you thrive, too. 


Questions to explore: 

  • What vision of professional life fulfills you?   
  • How do you want to spend your time and energy? 
  • What change do you want to create in the world? 


Shifting Your Offer Suite 


With your purpose clarified, we can take look at shifting your offers away from selling time for money.  


No more treading water with therapy and associate work. Now is the time to get creative about products and services aligned with your zone of genius—leveraged offers, membership sites, group programmes, courses, and products that earn income while freeing up more of your time for family, friends and other passions. 


Mapping Your Route from Here to There 


The final step is crafting an individualised roadmap, prioritising next right actions on building this new version of your practice.  


You'll develop a transition plan that gradually shifts you away from overwhelm and onto firm footing. One that clarifies how to remain financially stable while moving toward your vision of professional thriving. 


With clarity and a plan, you'll build an aligned foundation for the practice and life you dream about—one that brings prosperity through meaning. 


Take the First Step 


If this possibility speaks to you, the "Make the Shift" 1-to1 coaching programme offers a powerful first step toward clarifying and mapping out the future for your practice.  


Schedule a call today to explore if it's the right fit to support you in shifting direction.  


The relief of traction and momentum await!