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Navigating a Successful Pivot in Your Private Practice: A Guide for Psychologists & Therapists

Nov 20, 2023

Have you ever felt the need to make a change in your psychology practice? Perhaps you've been searching for a way to align your work with a deeper sense of purpose, to attract the right clients, and ensure the sustainability and longevity of your practice. If so, then the concept of pivoting in your private practice may be just what you need. 


Embracing Change: The Importance of Pivoting in Private Practice 


The topic of pivoting in private practice is one that I discuss frequently with private practice therapists and psychologists. I can't stress enough how essential pivoting is for practitioners looking to stay relevant and fulfilled in their work. Pivoting is achieved by embracing change and aligning with your purpose so that you can attract the right clients and create a more sustainable and fulfilling private practice. 

If you have been thinking about pivoting in your psychology practice here are some examples of how you can start the process. 


The Three Types of Pivots in Private Practice 


There are three types of pivots that psychologists and therapists in private practice can consider: 

  1. Passion Project Pivot: This involves pursuing a specific project that's been brewing in the back of your mind. Once this project has come to fruition, it can become the main backbone of your practice.  
  2. Combining Threads Pivot: This allows you to bring different threads of your practice together to create something new and unique.  
  3.  Emergent Pivot: When various ideas swirl around but haven't yet formed into a defined shape. You may not be ready for a full practice pivot yet, but this is a great stage to start exploring what drives you as a practitioner.   


Which of these three types of pivots most connects you and your private practice as a psychologist in private practice? 

Take some time this week to explore the type of pivot that connected the most with you.  


The Journey of a Pivot in Your Private Practice 


When it comes to pivoting in your private practice, a regular linear business planning approach may not be effective.

I like to use the analogy that pivoting your private practice resembles a walk through a forest. There will be undergrowth and brush impeding your progress, but there will also be moments of clarity and direction when walking through clearings.

It's important to embrace the organic nature of the process and avoid comparing yourself to others in your private practice.

You can learn more about the continuous journey of working in private practice in our podcast episode, “Embrace the Journey: Redefining the Path of Inspiring Private Practices” here.   


Common Barriers to Changing How You Practice


So, what are the barriers that may hinder your pursuit of purpose in your private practice?

Responsibilities, lack of time, fear, uncertainty, and a lack of clarity can all impede progress and make it difficult to find time to explore your purpose. It's crucial to overcome these barriers so that you can navigate through the fog and find clarity in your journey as a private practice therapist or psychologist.

Overcoming these barriers and really committing to pivoting in your practice will be the magic combination that will allow you to discover your purpose.

This is how psychologists and therapists create purpose driven and fulfilling practices.


Building Support and Finding Guides for Your Private Practice 


So how do we overcome these barriers? Having a support network and finding guides to help navigate the challenges of pivoting in your private practice is crucial. Collaboration, connection, and alignment between purpose, passion, and strength can help the energy flow and keep you motivated.

I encourage you to connect beyond your usual circles to gain new perspectives and find opportunities for collaboration in your private practice. This support network will also keep you accountable to keep working on your practice, and not just in it. You need to carve out specific time in your week to keep moving forward in your journey to pivoting in your practice and finding purpose.  


Pivoting Towards Purpose-Driven Work in Your Private Practice 


It's essential to understand the basic level of income needed to cover your private practice expenses so that you don't have the worry of making enough money to live whilst you're navigating a pivot towards more purpose driven work. However, we can end up stuck if we spend all our time and precious energy on work that drains the life out of us. I recommend finding work that covers the basics without being soul-destroying, and delegating or outsourcing tasks to create space in your private practice.

Once you have the core of your private practice established, you can afford to set time aside to explore your pivot. Avoid the urge to start big. A lot of the time it leads to overwhelm, half-finished projects that have lost momentum or overspending on a project before it is ready. Starting with small tests or mini-projects can help you gradually implement your purpose-driven work in your private practice. 


Your Journey to Pivoting Towards a Purpose-Driven Practice Starts Now 


Pivoting your psychology practice is a courageous step towards aligning your work with your purpose. By overcoming barriers, finding clarity, and embracing change, you can create a private practice that is sustainable, fulfilling, and attracts the right clients. Remember that the journey may be challenging, but with the support of a network and the right tools, you can navigate through the forest and reach a place of purpose and fulfillment in your private practice. 


Practice Accelerator: A Structure for Success in Your Private Practice 


If you're ready to make intentional changes and pivot your practice, our Practice Accelerator programme is here to guide you through this journey to purpose. This programme offers structure, accountability, and support for psychologists and therapists looking to make a pivot in their private practice. With mastermind sessions, coaching, planning workshops, masterclasses, and access to a learning center, this programme can provide the necessary tools to create a sustainable and fulfilling private practice. 

Our programme launches once a year in September and the waiting list for the September 2024 cohort is now open. Find out more about our Psychology Practice Accelerator here