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A Regenerative Marketing Strategy for Psychologists and Therapists

May 12, 2023

Maybe you've been wondering where the topsy-turvy world of social media and marketing is taking us, with its effects on clients, communities, and practitioners?

We have been wondering that too?

As psychologists, therapists and coaches, we want to build an authentic presence for our private practices in the online space. But commercial social media strategies are often based on triggering fear and other emotions that trigger clients' protective Parts.

If you'd love to build your practice in a way that restores you and replenishes your energy, we'd love to share our simple and effective content framework with you.

It helps you to create content that promotes a rich connection with client and communities, and nurtures prosperity over time.

Our framework also helps you to look after your own emotional system as you build your online presence and connected with more clients. 


Video Time Stamps

1:53 - Who are we?
3:30 - Agenda.
7:19 - Why don't psychologists feel confident online?
9:50 - What doesn't work for psychologists in marketing?
14:57 - Different types of marketing.
17:07 - The pathway to building online presence.
18:30 - The three psychological frameworks we use.
22:45 - The Regenerative Content Framework.
27:10 - Be the guide, not the guru.
30:45 - Meet clients where they are.
34:26 - Speak to Parts
37:35 - Move people through story
41:17 - Nurture Self trust online
45:23 - Five questions you can use.
48:55 - The Regenerative Marketing Academy.
49:33 - Questions.


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