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Inspiring Sunday Stories: Dr Romy Sherlock - Pioneering Multidisciplinary Approach to Overcoming Persistent Pain

inspiring sunday stories Dec 10, 2023

Meet Dr. Romy Sherlock, a clinical psychologist and the Co-director of Retraining Pain, an organisation dedicated to providing multidisciplinary pain rehabilitation to individuals across the UK who are grappling with persistent pain. Romy and her team are passionate advocates for a holistic approach, firmly believing in the power of collaboration. Through a nationwide network of fellow pain clinicians, they aim to help as many people as possible find relief from their suffering.

Empowering Pain Rehabilitation

Romy's work revolves around empowering individuals who face persistent pain. As a clinical psychologist, she plays a key role in the Co-directorship of Retraining Pain. This organisation is driven by the belief that effective pain rehabilitation involves a multidisciplinary team approach. They bring together a network of pain clinicians from all corners of the UK, all dedicated to helping those in need.

A Nationwide Network

The strength of Retraining Pain lies in its collaborative model. They work as a team to ensure evidence-based pain rehabilitation that leverages the skills of a multidisciplinary group. Beyond their direct patient care, they place significant emphasis on supporting fellow pain clinicians in their independent practices. By providing networking and peer support opportunities, their goal is to foster a sense of unity and shared purpose, both within the team and across the independent practice landscape.

The Need for Change

Romy and her team recognised the underserved nature of the pain rehabilitation field. They envisioned a different approach, one that didn't involve clinicians working in siloed ways. Retraining Pain developed a company that does things differently, with a person centred approach, committed to offering a more effective, evidence-based, and collaborative method of pain rehabilitation.

Connecting with Romy Sherlock

If you are interested in the field of persistent pain and would like to learn more for yourself professionally or for your clients, Romy Sherlock and Retraining Pain are here to support you. They are also open to connections from fellow pain clinicians who are eager to make a difference in the field.

You can connect with Romy through:

🔗 LinkedIn: Connect with Dr Romy Sherlock

🌐 Website: Retraining Pain

👩‍💻 Twitter@retrainingpain

Working with the TPPA has been transformative for Romy and her practice. With the guidance and support of Wendy, Romy has learned valuable insights about running a successful business and is actively engaged in scaling up Retraining Pain to reach even more individuals in need of pain rehabilitation.