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Inspiring Sunday Stories: Paula Gardner - Bridging Business and Psychology for Success

inspiring sunday stories Nov 26, 2023

Meet Paula Gardner, a business psychologist and psychotherapist with a unique approach that centres on addressing the challenges faced by business owners. Her expertise lies in helping individuals overcome overwhelm and visibility issues in the world of business. With a background in public relations and marketing, Paula brings a diverse skill set to her practice, making her a valuable resource for entrepreneurs looking to thrive in their businesses.

Empowering Business Owners

Paula's work is dedicated to supporting business owners as they navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship. She specialises in helping her clients confront overwhelm and visibility challenges, which often accompany the responsibilities of running a business. Her approach involves offering practical tools, techniques, and therapeutic guidance to help business owners become more comfortable with visibility and effectively manage the stress and overwhelm that can arise when juggling various aspects of their enterprises.

A Blend of Experience

Paula's journey is uniquely informed by her past as a PR and marketing company owner. Her deep knowledge of these fields adds a practical edge to her psychological and therapeutic insights. She uses this blend of experiences to guide her clients in creating strategies that work for them, ensuring that they can sustain their businesses while staying true to themselves.

Paula's Vision

Paula's practice stands for encouraging individuals to become truly comfortable with who they are, enabling them to conduct business and marketing in a way that aligns with their authentic selves. Her goal is to help business owners overcome overwhelm and discover enjoyable methods for raising their profiles.

Connect with Paula Gardner

If you're a business owner feeling overwhelmed or looking to enhance your visibility in a way that resonates with you, Paula Gardner is the expert you need. She welcomes connections from individuals who seek to create positive change in their lives and businesses.

You can connect with Paula Gardner through:

🔗 LinkedIn: Connect with Paula Gardner

🌐 Website:

👩‍💻 Instagram: @scarlettthinking

The connections Paula has made and the inspiration she's received by working with TPPA have contributed to her growth as a business psychologist and psychotherapist.