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Inspiring Sunday Stories: Dr Tess Browne - Transforming Lives Through Psychology

inspiring sunday stories Nov 12, 2023

Dr. Tess Browne is a dedicated Clinical Psychologist, transforming lives and building resilience. Her work not only transforms individual lives but also empowers entire communities. Let's delve into her remarkable journey.

The Mind Atelier Limited: A Hub of Transformation

At The Mind Atelier Limited, Dr. Tess Browne offers three distinct streams of services:

1. Corporate Wellbeing Services

  • Executive coaching, consultation, and corporate training.
  • Equips individuals and organisations with the knowledge and strategies to overcome personal and professional challenges.

2. Business Coaching for Therapists

  • Coaching and mentoring for mental health professionals.
  • Focuses on building, growing, and scaling a private practice while emphasising values and self-care.

3. Individual Therapy

  • Psychological support for professional women facing overwhelm, anxiety, or burnout.
  • Aims to help individuals overcome these challenges, whether they stem from work, parenthood, or trauma.

A Mission of Empowerment

Dr. Tess Browne and her team at The Mind Atelier have a mission to empower smart, ambitious individuals with the tools they need for psychological wellbeing and resilience. Their belief is that everyone deserves access to effective psychological information to lead a fulfilling, balanced life and reach their full potential.

A Personal Journey

Dr. Browne's passion for this work stems from her own transformative experience with psychological therapy in her twenties. This experience equipped her with lifelong tools that continue to enhance her mental health and wellbeing. She is determined to share this transformation with as many people as possible. 

Connecting with Dr. Tess Browne

If you're interested in elevating your wellbeing or your team's resilience, Dr. Tess Browne is open to networking, collaboration, and contributing to your personal or organisational goals. Connect with her through the following channels:

🔗 LinkedIn: Connect with Dr. Tess Browne

🌐 Website:

👩‍💻 Instagram: @DrTessBrowne 

Dr. Tess Browne credits her journey's success, in part, to the Psychology Practice Accelerator Programme. This program helped her diversify and scale her psychology business in a value-aligned and sustainable way. She continues to benefit from alumni support and resources.